Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We have always been committed to customer satisfaction.


The foundation of the relationship with our customers is the trust that underlies it. Confidence is a value which we exude through the quality and originality of our products.


The main differentiating factor between Crescent and other manufacturers of promotional textiles is the quality of our products. Our products have been subjected to rigorous testing by independent, specialized international bodies which makes them compliant with international standards.


We have been accredited with a number of certifications which is a testament to the quality of our
products. All of our products are compliant with international laws and regulations.


Social compliance is of the utmost importance to us, our SEDEX certification is proof of that fact. We strictly ensure the well-being of all of our workers and hold a high regard for worker rights.
Being a manufacturer of an eco-friendly product, we also feel as if we have a responsibility towards the environment which is why we adhere to manufacturing practices which have a minimal negative externality on the environment.

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