At Crescent Enterprises we understand the challenges of the promotional products market and have tailored our customer services department to meet the needs of our customers accordingly.

Weaving (Unit-I)

We have yearly contracts in place with fabric suppliers who specialize in utilizing air jet looms to produce the finest quality fabric for us. Air Jet looms are based on the most advanced technology and their high operating RPM compared to shuttle-less looms gives them an advantage in terms of daily production of fabric as well as a zero defect rate compared to shuttle-less looms as they need to be oiled less frequently. The zero-defect rate results in the fabric having a neater appearance in its natural state and considerably more luster and shine once it has been dyed compared to the fabric from a shuttle-less loom.

Weaving (Unit-II)

We own one weaving unit which specializes in the production of heavy canvas fabric using shuttle-less rapier looms. We purchase 100% cotton ring spun yarn from some of the best textile spinning mills in the country and we utilize the yarn to weave canvas fabric which ranges from 280 Gsm (8 Oz per square yard) up to 745 Gsm (22 Oz per square yard). We also accept orders for the export of canvas fabric.

Screen Printing

We work with some of the best printing vendors in our city. We have the capacity of printing 5000 bags per day for a single-color design with the capacity of up to 7 colors. All printing inks are Phthalate and AZO free

  1. Pigment Print
  2. Water Based Print
  3. Matt Finish Print
  4. Fluorescent Color Print
  5. Embossed Print
  6. Paste Print
  7. Plastisol Print
  8. Heat Transfer 4 Color Process Print
  9. Four Color CMYK Print
  10. Photo Magic Print on 100% Polyester Fabric

Dyeing and Printing

We use the best dyeing and processing mills in Karachi and Lahore to dye and print our fabric who are Oeko-Tex certified and utilize AZO free dyes. Our MOQ for a custom dyed fabric is 3000 meters and for printing a custom design up to 6 colors is 2500 meters.


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