About Us

About Crescent Enterprises


We have been a part of the promotional industry for more than the last 35 years. Our aim moving forwards is to have greater control over the supply chain and opt for backward vertical integration over time as well as invest in sustainable production practices to minimize the impact on the environment.


Our mission is to partake in saving our planet and to produce organic and recycled products which are Eco-Friendly and to supply premium products to our customers as per their specifications within the provided timeframe.


Crescent Enterprises was established in 1982 and started its business by exporting Cotton and Poly/Cotton Fabric to Far East and European countries by buying cotton yarn from the best spinning mills and outsourcing to a weaving unit.

In 1986 the company expanded its operations and started exporting canvas tote bags to the US market. With the passage of time, the company increased its capacity of production to 600,000 pcs on average per month and also diversified its export to several European countries as well.

In 2002, the company introduced a brand, Fabric Plus Inc. and established its subsidiary office in Dallas, Texas USA, to provide customer services to its existing customers in the United States and explore new markets. The office was shut down due to global economic slowdown during the pandemic.

Target Market

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Promotional Textile products in Pakistan and we cater to the markets in Europe, USA, and Canada and have an experience of more than 35 years.


Our main products include 100% Cotton Canvas Tote Bags, Cotton Sheeting bags, Poly/Cotton Aprons, Oven Mitts, Potholders, and textile made up’s specifically for the promotional industry.
We have introduced eco-friendly products made in 100% Organic cotton and up to 60% Regenerated/Recycled cotton to impact your business. We aim to move towards a greener environment, creating a world of difference.

Cotton is nature’s gift to mankind on Earth. Pakistan is gifted with top quality of short staple fiber. Our cotton products are environmentally friendly owing to cotton’s sustainable and biodegradable nature.

Unique Selling Point (USP)

Our main differentiating factor from our competition is the high quality of our products and our strict quality control standards. We currently utilize air jet fabric for our products, which is usually reserved for the garment industry and is rarely utilized in the bag manufacturing industry. This is what helps our products achieve their superior, premium feel. Moreover, all of our products undergo a strict in-house quality control process which helps to set us apart from our competition.

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